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We offer a wide variety of high-quality technology services, including consulting, back-end optimization, cross-platform development, enterprise software & architecture, and code rescue. Whether you run a startup or a multi-billion-dollar enterprise, we can help you leverage technology to reach your full potential. Contact us today.

Technology Consulting

All of our client relationships begin with technology consulting. We have over 17 years of consulting experience and base our approach on research, partnership, and vision. This foundation allows us to create products that significantly impact our clients’ businesses. We’ll help you optimize your business today, while preparing for growth tomorrow.

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Enterprise Software

In 17 years, we’ve tackled projects of all calibers. We’ve helped budding entrepreneurs gain their bearings, and we’ve also built complex, full-scale vertical enterprise platforms for large corporations, including UI/UX research and application. Whether you need something micro, or multi-platform, we can build it using the most current technologies available.

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Enterprise Architecture

High-quality software begins with great architecture. It is the basis for any high-quality code base and we include it with every program we write or take over. Whether we’re designing an application in-house or reworking your existing code base, we’ll use code contracts and the most up-to-date technology to deliver the highest-quality software in the industry.

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Code Clean Up

If you have an existing code base that needs reworking, we offer code clean up services. This includes debugging, maintenance, scaling architecture, rebuilding back-end code, customizing front-end design, and more. We can rework even the most flawed code, or start from scratch to design what you need. With this, our agile methodology means you’ll have a continuous stream of updates and we can make changes as needed. If it’s broken, we can fix it.

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Cross Platform Development

We design and develop programs for all platforms and systems, including Web, mobile, the Cloud, IoT, embedded, and more. Whether you need an entire manufacturing system re-hauled, or you are launching your first mobile app, we’ve done it, and we’ll help you do it too.

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Back-End Data Optimization

Have you outgrown your software? If so, or if you’re nearing the maximum output of your technology solutions, give us a call. We can customize your existing systems to scale up or down without losing data, or we can design a brand new system from the ground up that’s tailored to your needs. Whether your user base has increased and you need to optimize your software for the increase in traffic, or you’d like to add increased functionality to an existing program, we can do it.

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